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Hello dear website visitors, I’m Norbert Peter – media maker, solopreneur and networker.

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to run a personal website of this kind. Anyone running a clean business should be relatable and authentic. Anyone who is seriously interested in my skills can contact me on this personal Norbert Peter website. This website is being developed – bit by bit – because life itself is constantly evolving and constantly providing us with new challenges to learn.

We can accept these challenges and use them to our advantage or let them pass us by regardless. The decision is up to everyone.

I stage people, network them with partners and create synergies. The name Norbert Peter is known for psychological media creation, emphatic contact making and the orchestrated bringing together of entrepreneurs and doers across Europe.



As a MANAGER OF MEDIA, I create an authentic external image for my customers and produce psychologically effective strong media.


As a SOLOPRENEUR I act throughout Europe without running a permanent office. Good conversations are better over a good lunch.


As an international NETWORKER, I am the contact maker and mediator. I help with business meetings and also orchestrate them to success.

Stage the people and network them
…is a good description of my activities.

Over a good cup of coffee, my clients describe their projects, their thoughts and their visions to me.

A concept is created from this information and, if necessary, strong partners from my network are included. On request, real meetings between the people involved can be arranged and made successful.


Film productions

Expert service



This is me…

…and my life as a solopreneur. On the go, sipping cappuccino and armed with hardware to capture it all.



Reliability, loyalty and honesty come first in my life. I keep promises of any kind and expect the same from the people in my private and business environment. The properties described here are very important to me. They are indispensable for strategically relevant projects and in private life.


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